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If you’re wanting to feel more confident by giving yourself a younger look, Michael K. Obeng, MD, at Miko MedSpa located in Beverly Hills, California, offers excellent service with dermal fillers that put the volume back in your face, decrease wrinkles, and give you a vibrant appearance. To learn more, call the office or schedule your appointment online today.

Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances injected under the skin to reduce the look of aging or fill areas where you’d like to see more volume. The fillers add plumpness where elasticity has been lost to ultimately diminish the appearance of wrinkles or unwanted creases, or to help contour the face. 

Treatments involve a small injection into the desired area, with a simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes.

What substances are used for dermal fillers?

Miko MedSpa offers dermal fillers that come in different substances that include:

Hyaluronic acid (Restylane®, Juvederm®, Voluma®, Belotero®

This natural component is the most common filler used for wrinkles. Results may last six months to one year, and in some cases, up to two years.

Calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse®

This substance contours the jawline, adds plumpness to cheeks, treats deep wrinkles, and smoothes skin folds. Results may last up to one year when used for contouring and three years when used to fill wrinkles.

Poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra®

This filler is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and is for people with HIV who have localized loss of fat tissue (lipoatrophy). With 2-3 injections, effects may last up to two years.

At your consultation, your specialist talks with you about the best treatment option for your desired results.

Are risks involved with dermal fillers?

As with any procedure, risks are involved with dermal fillers. These include the following:

  • The possible allergic reaction at the injection site or throughout the body
  • Broken skin at the injection site causing bruising or bleeding
  • Infection at the injection site or the surrounding area
  • Skin surface or contour firmness irregularities
  • Possible damage to blood vessels in rare occasions

If you have a suppressed immune system or take blood-thinners, dermal fillers aren’t recommended for you. 

At Miko MedSpa, your safety is of the utmost concern, so you can feel confident you’ll receive the best treatment with the safest care possible, and that any risks will be managed by Dr. Obeng’s skilled hands.

Is it painful to get dermal fillers?

When receiving dermal fillers, a topical numbing cream may be applied first to reduce the sensation of the procedure. Some dermal fillers also have a numbing solution in them to relieve any discomfort. 

It’s possible you’ll feel a bit of stinging as the injections go in, but the process involves very little pain if any. The team at Miko MedSpa aims to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure to ensure a very pleasant experience with outstanding results.

Redness, swelling, and tenderness should typically last for the first 1-2 days after your procedure. Bruising is perfectly normal, and should clear up within 5-7 days of the treatment. After this period, you’ll be ready to show off your beautiful results!

For a dermal filler consultation with Dr. Obeng at Miko MedSpa, call or book your appointment online today.

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