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Intravenous (IV) therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular natural ways to enhance your health and appearance. At MiKO Med Spa in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, can help you choose from a variety of powerful all-natural solutions to boost your energy, improve your appearance, and help you feel great. Use the online scheduler to book your IV therapy appointment today.

IV Therapy Q & A

What is IV therapy?

You're probably already familiar with IV therapy in a hospital setting, with the bag of fluids hooked to a pole. IV therapy at MiKO Med Spa works in much the same way, but it happens in a much more comfortable environment. 

It's an efficient way to deliver a large infusion of nutrients into your blood very quickly for immediate effects. IV therapy gives you what you need much faster and more effectively than oral supplements or food because you get 100% absorption within your blood.

What kind of nutrients can I get with IV therapy?

It depends on what you’re lacking or your goals for the treatment. Your care provider tailors the infusion for you. MiKO Med Spa Medical Director Dr. Michael K. Obeng, can chose all the IV therapy formulas and protocols personally to ensure that they’re of the highest quality and extremely effective.

IV therapy can help with many different issues, with some popular formulas including:

  • Hangover
  • Immune boost
  • Energy boost
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Mood enhancement

For example, if you lack energy, your MiKO Med Spa care provider might recommend a special blend containing B-12 and other nutrients that combat fatigue and boost energy. If you’re concerned about aging skin, they can recommend an IV infusion with plenty of antioxidants to help fight environmental damage to your skin.

Many IV therapy infusions contain a blend of nutrients. The B-vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, glutathione, amino acids, zinc, and antioxidants are all common ingredients in IV therapy, and there are many others as well.

How does IV therapy work?

During a treatment session, your care provider swabs the infusion site (usually your hand or arm) and then places the IV in your vein. You might experience a quick pinch as it happens, but it fades right away. You might feel a little cold at the IV site, but not uncomfortable. 

As the IV delivers the nutrients into your blood, your care provider monitors you regularly. You can read, watch television, use your phone, or take a nap if you like. The treatment generally lasts around 45 minutes. 

When will I notice the benefits of IV therapy?

The IV contents go right into your blood, which means you experience some benefits right away. Most patients enjoy a boost in energy, improved sense of well-being, and even aesthetic benefits like a more rested look after IV therapy. 

Want to learn more about IV therapy and how it can help you? Call the MiKO Med Spa office, or click the online scheduling tool to get in touch now.

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